Before I was a teacher I was a student, and the great thing about yoga is that I am forever a student. Just because I received my 200 hour certification does not means I am wiser than every student in who isn’t certified. Actually, I learn the most from my students! If you have never made it to a workshop my hope is that I can convince you to try one!

Workshops are a great way to gain additional knowledge on specific postures or different aspects of yoga that you are trying to improve on. In most yoga classes you either plow through the postures, or you might not see the same postures for a month or two. Plus in a studio class it might be hard to ask the teacher a specific question during or after class, because other students might already have their ear or the teacher is already heading to his/her next class to teach.

When I was a new yoga student I took a  bunch of workshops. For example one of the workshops I took was all about working your bandhas. This was a workshop that specifically worked on bandhas and how to activate them in a bunch of postures, which is difficult to teach in an everyday yoga class.

Another workshop I took was about Kundalini Yoga. I have always loved deepening my knowledge in asana work and learning about different forms of yoga is a great way to do this. I have always shied away from the softer practices, so I thought I would take a leap a try this Kundalini workshop. I was skeptical at first, but the instructor was amazing and greatly increased my knowledge on breath work and meditation! What I learned from this workshop helped my greatly improve my asana work.  So, I eventually took two more!

Most people think that you can only take workshops for the well-known, nationally renowned yoga instructors which can be hard to come by and expensive. However, that is not the case. If you do your research, you will often find that local yoga studios offer workshops regularly with their teachers. Sometimes these workshops are offered at the normal drop-in rate if you register which is a great deal for students to learn the ‘right’ way to do a posture or sequence or explore a new type of yoga.

I encourage everyone in 2017 to do some research and try to take a workshop or two to help deepen your yoga practice! If you are in the Philadelphia or DC metro area, you can take one of my upcoming workshops (click here for my schedule) or check out the yoga group on Facebook that lists out many of the workshops being held at all the local studios.

I hope to see you at one of my workshops!

Have you taken a workshop? How did it help your practice?

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