After getting hooked on yoga in college, I came home for summer vacation one year and missed my practice. I wasn’t very familiar with any of the area yoga studios and, honestly was a broke college kid so I didn’t have money to try some out, so on the recommendation of my yoga teacher at school I picked up Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch and started practicing at home. That summer, using the book, I was able to piece together the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. By the end of the summer, I was doing the primary series six days a week for about ninety minutes each day. As a college student with a part time job, this was fairly easy to fit in my schedule.

These days, things are different. I have a full time job, a side hustle, a baby, and a family so time is at a premium. I know the biggest obstacle for starting a home practice is the thought that you need to do a sixty to ninety minute yoga practice to get anything beneficial out of it. However, that is not the case a home practice is great for students and teachers alike and you can start one if you have fifteen to thirty minutes to spare a few days a week.

Ok, you found the time, now what do you practice? During a workshop I took with Beryl she mentioned that if you don’t have time to get a yoga practice in all you have to do is Sun Salute A and B. In the beginning of Ashtanga Primary Series you start with five Sun Salute As and five Sun Salute Bs.


Here is the easiest home practice:

  • Five Sun Salute A and B takes approximately fifteen minutes.
  • You can end your practice there, or if you have extra time add a standing posture, standing balancing posture or seated posture of your choice based on how your body is feeling.
    • Twists are good for loosen up hips and lower back.
      • marichyasana c
      • revolved high lunge
      • revolved easy pose
    • Standing postures are good for leg and foot strength. Also helps with hip and lower back tightness. They will also help with tight hamstrings.
      • Warrior 1
      • intense side stretch
      • extended triangle
    • Balancing postures are good for overall balance and stability of your body.
      • Eagle Pose
      • Tree Pose
      • Dancer Pose
    • Seated postures are good for target specific areas of your body!
      • janu sirsasana a
      • bound angle pose
      • open angle pose
  • Take two minutes at the end for Savasana


Stay tuned for more to come, as I will give short little sequences to suggest for home practices! You can also take my homework assignments from facebook and add them to your home practice.



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